BTS Pouch | BT21 Pouch (Stationery Lovers)

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BTS Pouch | BT21 Pouch 

For the Ultimate Universtar

For all the lovely fans out there, prepared to become the Universtar we have a sweet surprise for you. The perfect mix of adorable, cute, and trendy has come to life. The adorable BT21 Stationery Pouch with your favorite BT21 characters, Chimmy, Tata, Shooky, Cooky, Koya, Mang, and Rj are here to hold your contents safely. With enough compartments, this adorable stationery pouch can hold your pens, pencils, and other stationery items. With a pinch of kawaii and a dash of quirkiness, you can make your tasks fun to do. Grab yourself one or gift it to a loved one.

Package includes: 
1 x BTS Pouch