Cute Lazy Cat Paws Correction Tape

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Mistakes do happen but they can be corrected too! Introducing premium quality, cute little fancy correction tape. 

Corrects imperfections in a single pass, after applying the correction tape you can write immediately.

  • Easy to carry, quality material, durable, waterproof.
  • Cute and fashionable product
  • Premium Corrections
  • Smooth application
  • Long-Lasting
  • Harmless, no odour
  • No trace will be found when the corrected paper is photocopied

This Cat Paws Correction tape is suitable to accompany your writing activities at school, campus or office. Cat Paws Design Premium Quality Correction Tape Eco-Friendly Material, Non-toxic Handy and Lightweight.

Package includes: 1* Cat Paws Correction Tape