Joker Bobblehead

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The Joker Bobble Head | Why So Serious ?

“..See, I’m not a monster, I’m just ahead of the curve..” – once said the our most favorite villain. Time and again, the joker made his space in our hearts and made us fall in love with him. So strong is the narrative, that we love both Heath and Joaquin equally.
This bobblehead is a superb collectible for the fans of the superstar, all DC lovers. Give it to someone and ask them “Why so Serious?” in a unique way.
This bobble has a tray at the bottom which can hold your phone when opened halfway. If you plan to use the bobblehead as a desk decor, this drawer could also hold tiny pins inside.

Item Description:
  • “Why so Serious ?” – Bring the clown home
  • Perfect car dashboard accessory
  • Pull out the tray at the bottom and it works as a phone holder or hold your tiny accessories
  • A great gift for DC fans
  • Heath Ledger Style 
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