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Searching for the one thing that can turn every eye on you at the party? We think you have found your match in this cap gun which is the perfect bottle opener for your next party. We know how dire it seems to open bottles and serve drinks, well not anymore because this cap gun is a new kind of bottle opener that allows you to shoot the bottle caps. Yes, you read it right! You can use this cap gun as your bottle opener and then begin the battles of bottle caps. 

Add the cap gun bottle opener to your list of party essentials because we can promise you, opening bottles has never been more fun. A perfect replacement and alternative for the wall mounted bottle opener, the cap gun is tiny, efficient, and extremely fun to poke your friends with. When planning a group party, you can even buy 4 or 5 cap guns and use them as a bottle opener which you can later use to shoot caps across from each other. 

We know we just gave you a dangerous party idea so make sure you have stocked up on this cap gun before your next party. Say goodbye to the boring bottle openers, now. For more such quirky party essentials check out our collection!