Heart Dreamcatcher With LED Lights

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It is not as easy to win hearts these days but we are sure this one surely will! The Heart Dreamcatcher with LED Lights is the best gift out there for you to give to your loved ones, be it a partner, sibling or friend. Just express your love for them with this perfect wall hanging for their room or the living room which will not just light up any room but also remind them of your love! With silky smooth feathers it is an ideal gift for the ones who like subtle lights while they sleep to catch away bad dreams!

  • Medium size and light-weight
  • Hang it anywhere with LED lights running on batteries!
  • Catch away the nightmares and light the love in your room!
  • Smooth and long feathers
  • Amazing gift for artsy souls with a love for subtle lights and dreamcatchers
  • Gift it as a housewarming gift or Valentine's day!
  • Multiple colors available
  • Length: 48 cm

Package Includes:
1x Heart Dreamcatcher with LED Lights